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Bullying & Exploitation: Disconnecting From Negative Behavior and Destructive Social Networking

Aggressive behavior through bullying on school campuses and over the internet has led to alarming statistics of student suicides, low self-esteem, physical injuries, emotional damage and school absences. This negativity and its effects are at an all-time high and must end! This powerful program hones in on the ramifications of unhealthy behavior both on and off-line and its effects on personal lives and careers. We address the need for acceptance and understanding the importance of creating awareness, speaking up, supporting anti-bullying policies and growing an environment with positive adult and student leadership.

Stress & Anxiety: Breaking Through

High expectations, competition and measuring up to unreasonably elevated standards can result in a self-imposed stressor leading to internal struggles and an unhealthy mix of emotions. With many pressures falling on academics, sports, college acceptance, social surroundings, extra-curricular activities and parental expectations, life and the need to perform exceptionally in all areas can be overwhelming. Within this topic, we target the effectiveness of organization, open communication with family and school counselors, doing your best and defining what means the most to you, staying focused and making room for down time.

Student Leadership: Roadmaps To Success

Today’s students are our future leaders of tomorrow. Leadership skills are essential to students properly and effectively guiding their peers, community organizations and navigating their own paths. M3 hones in on what it takes to be a productive student leader by utilizing empowerment, creativity and accountability. In addition, we focus on the foundation of leadership, which starts with initiative, continues with consistency and ends with follow through. An often forgotten aspect of being a strong leader is being a great listener and working collaboratively within a team. These skills are significant in bringing ideas to the forefront, establishing goals and implementing the proper tasks and management to achieve those goals.

Recognizing Harmful “Media” Influences: Texting, Social Networking, TV, Music, Movies, Video Games

All aspects of “media” play a huge role in our lives, offering hours of entertainment, comfort and inclusion. On the same note, we can easily become completely distracted, secluded and obsessed with having “the world” at our fingertips and in front of our eyes. While most TV shows, music, movies and video games hover around messages of sex and/or violence, our face to face communication has fallen to an all-time low, leaving us typing and socializing via our phones. We continually see the dangers of misusing and over-abusing our daily devices, especially in situations of: Using social media as a main platform to express personal feelings and problems, texting incessantly, especially while driving, “sexting,” and spending countless hours being physically inactive. We present a real look at harmful media and offer positive solutions on understanding social surroundings, the continual degradation of women and its effects, NOT becoming immune to negativity and the benefits of being an encouraging example to others.

Drug & Alcohol Free Living: Healthy Lifestyles

We take a fresh approach on speaking to students about this popular subject, spotlighting the importance of not caving into peer pressure. Recognizing the signs and presenting options for a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance. Topics include making the right choices; building self-esteem; how addictions begin; identifying our challenges and exploring positive resources.

Body Image: Beyond The Exterior

In this day and age there is more emphasis than ever placed on the perfect, flawless outer image. Within every publication, print and media ad, we are bombarded with an “idea of beauty,” which so many strive to achieve through unhealthy diets, surgical procedures and other extremes. Smoke and mirrors through picture editing and or through “enhanced” models can leave us feeling inferior and challenged to fit in. This program pinpoints the real beauty and unique makeup we all share internally and externally and how confidence and character have no boundaries or limitations.

Making Your Dreams A Reality: You Can and Will Achieve!

Always a hot topic among students! We share anecdotes on the significance of maintaining a strong GPA no matter what profession lies ahead. Making a dream a reality can happen…it’s all up to the individual. We will also emphasize the importance of gaining and maintaining focus, self-confidence, trust and drive, which allow us to break through roadblocks that keep us from succeeding both personally and professionally.

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