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Who We Are…

A creative and energetic non-profit dedicated to motivating and inspiring people of all ages.

What We Do…

Engage and interact with thousands of students on every level (elementary, middle, high school, college) as well as adults throughout the United States by sharing inspirational stories, personal experiences, thought-provoking lyrics, original songs and positive messages.

Our Team…

Professional musical artists and speakers who provide organizations with programs that are meaningful, uplifting and memorable!

Working Together…

No matter what obstacles we face in life, we can work together to find a positive solution. Let us know the challenges your organization faces and together we will build a motivational program tailored specifically for you.

Our Mission

M3 Rock n’ Talk inspires and encourages children, youth, and adults to think positively, harness confidence, pursue their goals and dreams, and pass on optimism to others.

Our Vision

M3 Rock n’ Talk is committed to changing lives of young people throughout our nation by providing tools that allow them to have the confidence to make good decisions and resist negative influences.

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