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M3 is dedicated to motivating youth and adults to achieve their goals. By giving to the Annual Appeal you are helping M3 reach out to thousands of individuals around the nation. Our programs have touched many individuals on a deeply personal level. Often students and adults come up to the speakers after a program and explain how the music or motivational speeches landed close to their heart or a situation in their lives and inspired them to achieve their goals. Be a part of a special gift in someone’s life by donating today!

There Are Several Ways To Donate:
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  • Call in your donation at (800) 596-8718
  • Mail a check payable to M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. to the following address:

M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc.
PO Box 4157
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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Four different presentation formats to fit your needs

Rock n’ Talk Students

The flagship of our programs packed with exciting and engaging live music and motivational talks! It’s the perfect way to excite and connect with your students while delivering meaningful and memorable messages on topics of your choice.

Program running time: 90 minutes

Rock n’ Talk Symposium

This program dives deeper into the well of our messages offering extended speaking presentations, breakout groups, report backs and concludes with a modified musical Rock n’ Talk. Student facilitators are trained to lead breakout discussion groups and present report backs to their student body during the symposium. Each speaking presentation, within the symposium, is 15 minutes on themes of your choice.

Program running time: Half day or full day

Rock n’ Talk Action Sports

Specifically designed for your school pep rallies and special assemblies, Rock n’ Talk & Action Sports join forces in this eye-catching, head-bobbing, mind-blowing event! Get ready to get FIRED UP!! Arial stunts, heart-pounding music, hilarious skits and positive messaging will have your students and faculty talking for days on end.

Program running time: 90 minutes

Rock n’ Talk Parents

An important cog in the wheel of success for both students and school are parents. Why not offer them a chance to attend their own specialized Rock n’ Talk? With energetic music and motivational speaking on topics of your choice, geared towards adults, this program is sure to be a treat for those who make our schools and students go ‘round.

Program running time: 90 minutes

Note: Rock n’ Talk Parents typically takes place in the evening after school hours on the same day as our Rock n’ Talk Students.


"Educating the students of today is very complicated. There are far more school-wide pressures than ever, with the expanding external social/peer factors our students face. I am glad that for a day we had a partner (M3 Rock n’ Talk) in helping our students make heads or tails of it all."

-Dr. David V. Basile, Ed.D., Principal, South Plantation High School, Broward County Public Schools, FL

"It was an outstanding performance by the musicians and BMX riders. Not only was it fantastic entertainment but, more importantly, there was a great message for our kids about trying their best, being their best and overcoming obstacles. My hat goes off to this team. We were 100% satisfied with the performance and the message. They did a fantastic job."

-Brenda Lewis, Principal, Foothill High School, Kern County School District, CA

"The inspirational messages that the band delivered in between songs had a profound effect on many of our students and staff. I received a lot of positive feedback from both the kids and adults about how uplifting and motivating the experience was for them. The workshop effectively addresses an aspect of education that is sorely needed by many of our young people but so often neglected in this day of standardized testing. I would highly recommend the M3 Rock n’ Talk to all schools that are interested in addressing the total educational needs of their students."

-Gaetano "Tom" Scotti, Principal, Port of Los Angeles High School, CA

"As a school administrator, I am constantly looking for quality assemblies for our student body. This fall we enjoyed one of the best assemblies I have seen in my 17+ years of working in schools. The energy was contagious and the music really resonated with the students, but I was more impressed with the message they delivered to our students in their talks. I had several kids come up to me in the days after the assembly and tell me that they had never enjoyed an assembly as much as the one with M3."

Robert G. Weber, Principal, Blanchet Catholic School, OR

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