Anti-Bullying & Negative Social Media (Networking)

This powerful topic hones in on the ramifications of unhealthy behavior both on and off-line and its effects on our personal lives, our school and community and future careers.

Coping With Stress & Anxiety

M3 addresses and offers solutions on the overwhelming pressures students face regarding acceptance from others, academics, student activities, college acceptance, social surroundings and parental expectations.

Making Your Dreams A Reality

From personal and professional experiences, M3 shares the how-to on goal setting, avoiding distractions, overcoming challenges, harnessing confidence and having a clear-cut plan of action.

Peer Pressure: Fitting In, Popularity, Sexting, Drugs & Alcohol

Here we focus on the importance of making the right choices and avoiding the gateways to dark and potentially destructive paths, which can impede our health, reputations, well-being and our futures.

Mental Health Awareness

With teen suicide increasing at an alarming rate and students struggling to deal with self-acceptance and depression, oftentimes youth feel they have nowhere to go to get help. M3 focuses on reducing the stigma of mental health, helping students realize they’re not alone…and, help is just right around the corner.

Body Image, Self-Acceptance & Self-Improvement

This program pinpoints the real beauty and unique makeup we all share internally and externally and how confidence and character have no boundaries or limitations.

Student Leader Success

Centering on utilizing empowerment, creativity and accountability. We pinpoint and explain the foundation of leadership, starting with initiative; continuing with consistency and ending with follow through.

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