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M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. understands that you care how information about you is used and shared. We appreciate your trust. We will protect your privacy and use any information submitted through our website carefully and sensibly.

We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy. To that end, we collect and use information throughout our Website Donations Process only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This statement applies solely to information collected through our Website Donations Process.

How does M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. protect personal information?

When you make a contribution or purchase, you will be brought to a secure site away from the M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. website. The website, where you input your information to make a contribution or purchase, collects your information, encrypts, and holds your information. M3 Rock n’ Talk is not liable for your personal information since we do not collect or store this information. Your credit card information will remain protected and secure on the other company’s website; however, authorized M3 Rock n’ Talk staff will have access to certain information including names, addresses, and contact information. Description of how this information will be used is included in further sections of this Privacy Policy.

Will M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. disclose private information it collects to outside parties?

If you supply M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. with your e-mail address you may receive periodic e-mail messages from us providing information and updates about our programs, our website, or notice of upcoming events and activities. If you mistakenly receive any communication you do not want to receive, please respond to the e-mail with a request to be removed from the list, and your request will be promptly fulfilled. We do not make the e-mail addresses of those who access our website donation process available to other organizations nor do we sell this information to anyone.

If you supply M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. with your postal address on-line you may receive periodic postal mailings from us providing information on our programs, our website, or upcoming events or activities. If you do not wish to receive such postal mailings, please let us know by returning the mail to the originating department as “refused”, or call us at (800) 596-8718 and your name will be removed from the mailing list.

Persons who supply M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. with telephone numbers on-line may be assured that his or her telephone number will be kept in confidence by M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. Phone numbers will not be shared with other organizations.

What is the difference between private and personal information?

Personal information is considered to be names, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth and any demographic or preferential information you may disclose for the purposes of online interaction, identification or participation in any M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. program or event.

Private information is considered to be financial information such as credit card or bank account information, social security numbers, communication indicated as confidential, or any information that is not routinely collected as a condition of participation in M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. programs or events.

M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. views all your information as a priority and will not expose this information to other individuals or organizations.

What is not covered by this privacy policy?

Requests by law enforcement agencies for information about site users deemed by M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. legal counsel to be legitimate and not in violation of constitutional principles will be supplied to law enforcement agencies.

Any user of this site indicating, threatening, admitting to or representing an act in violation of the law on this site or through an e-mail link contained on this site will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Your Consent

By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information by M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. Should we ever change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page so that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. | Refund / Return Policy

M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any refund or return requests. All donations accepted through our online Website Donation Process, over the phone, sent in by mail or received as a planned gift are to be considered final with no possibility of refund or return. By submitting a donation of any kind you consent to the use of this donation by M3 Rock n’ Talk, Inc. with an understanding that you may make no further claim for a refund or return.

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